Care Package Ideas For Friends and Family

That wonderful feeling when someone goes out of their way to make us feel special and loved is something everyone loves. A care package delivery can make this feeling happen when you can't be there in person to give someone the supportive cuddle they need. Care packages are a thoughtful way to show people just how much they’re loved and cared for. Sending a surprise care package delivery can make such a big difference to your loved ones day week and even life, stepping up and showing you care have a ripple effect of kindness that lasts a long time. Think of it like sending a hug in a box gift hamper. There’s something about the act of giving that’s truly magical, when you do good things for others you feel good too. Let us help you find that perfect care package delivery in Perth.

care package delivery

Life can be overwhelming at times and often you can't be their in person to help friends and family, our care packages are here to help you shower you loved ones in your kindness from afar. For a friend or loved one who needs a reminder to put themselves first, a self care package delivery Australia wide might be just the thing they need. If a loved one or work colleague or far away friend is feeling overwhelmed and stressed, send an encouraging self care gift hamper or a pamper hamper to offer your support and let them know you are here for them even though you may be far away. 


When you want someone to know you are sending them positive vibes 

Nothing beats being together, but care packages for friends and family can be the next best thing. Maybe you know someone is feeling lonely, suffered a loss, going through a breakup, hoping for some good news, or feeling incredibly low. A feel better care package delivered to their door has the power to show support and make them smile write a gift card message you know will make them feel cared for and you are on to a winner. Think of a care package like sending a hug in box to brighten their day! 

A Care package to show your appreciation

What could be nicer than a thank you care package message to say thanks for being in my life, a simple act of kindness you know will make them feel loved. Recognising the good things we have in our lives is a great way to promote happiness and make life feel more meaningful. Send a thoughtful gift today and show your appreciation.

A Gift to Encourage Self Care and Pampering

When someone’s having a hard time and they are feeling overwhelmed, self-care packages can encourage them to take some time out to relax and find some calm. Whether it’s a new mum that needs some TLC or if you want to send a little treat to your best friend or your mum we have a great range of care packages to suit that feel like you are sending a hug straight to their door. 

A Care Package to Pay it Forward

If someone's done something for you that was really out of this world, you could offer a simple gesture of paying it forward! One good turn deserves another. When someone does something nice for you take it upon yourself to do something kind for someone else. A care package delivery makes a perfect surprise send it anonymous for an extra boost of good feelings. A self-care hamper to return a kind gesture encourages happiness and generosity. When we do good things, we feel good! 

To Celebrate and Congratulate

It is obvious that care packages are ideal for any kind of special occasion and are a very personal gift.  Send your best wishes and congratulations in the form of a care packages overflowing good vibes and happiness.   

As a Feel Better Box or a Get Well Soon Gift 

For someone who has been under the weather with an illness or recovering after a hospital stay, there's nothing nicer than to know friends from afar are thinking of them, even if they can't visit. Sending a care package delivery like a feel better box or a get well soon gift hamper with restorative treats or gifts for relaxation is a thoughtful gesture. A sick friend may not want to have visitors, but you can still wish them well with gift send straight to their doorstep. 

Random acts of kindness and make them laugh.

Sending any ‚Äėjust because‚Äô gift is a fabulous way to let someone know you care whether they are close to you or not. A surprise care package filled with feel good gifts will make them feel special, loved, or appreciated. You might never know just how much it means to someone to get a care package delivery. Write a funny gift card message to make them giggle and make their day brighter.¬†

Thoughtful messages to write In A Care Package Gift Hamper Delivery for friends?

The fabulous surprise gifts in care packages are important, but so is a thoughtful note or message. It’s one of the warmest and most sincere ways to express yourself, so take a little care and time. You can make someone so happy by finding the right words that resonate, even if it’s just a short line. It can even be something funny that will make them laugh. 


Care package gift card for inspiration that will help make their day brighter:

  • ‚ÄėHere‚Äôs a little gift from me to you, I hope it makes you smile and take some time to chill- thanks for everything you do for all of us!¬†
  • ¬†‚ÄėDear Bestie thank you for being you, I‚Äôm glad I have you in my life.‚Äô
  • ¬†‚ÄėYou make the world a better place just by being you¬†so here‚Äôs a little something for¬†you to enjoy





What is in the best care package gift delivery?

When you are choosing what care package to gift for friends and family, you can really send anything you want.  It is often not the contents that matter but more the thought that counts and the meaningful gift message you add that makes all the difference. Whatever care package gift hamper delivery you pick, it will be sure to have an uplifting effect.

How do I order a care package delivery from Avenue Hampers? 

Ordering a online Care package Gift Hampers in Perth:

  1. Choose your gift hampers 
  2. Add the hamper to your cart and continue through to the checkout.
  3. Include a personal gift card message for us to hand write for you.
  4. Complete your billing information. 
  5. Enter the delivery address details make sure you add phone number for the person it will be delivered to. 
  6. Pay and place the order. We'll take care of the rest for you. Tracking details will be sent to your email address. 


If you don’t see care package that suits, give us a call and we can put something together that you know they will love. 

We know it can be difficult to find the perfect present, so we hope our care package delivery Perth guide has helped. 

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